Football Themed – Casino Games

Footie aficionados of legal age will be happy to know that there are a lot of football-themed casino games that they can enjoy online. Once the football match on TV is finished, fans can access these games via their computers and continue the excitement. The games offer more than just entertainment – they have exceptional gameplay and added features incorporated into the games. So, without further ado, here are two of the best football-themed online casino titles that can be played on the PC and mobile.

Football Rules

What’s just as thrilling as a football match between Chelsea and Arsenal and allows players to interact in multipliers? The slot game Football Rules, of course. Immerse yourself in this addictive slot game that features an exciting bonus feature and an even more thrilling progressive jackpots.

The game’s bonus feature is unlocked once the icon of the football player holding up the trophy appears on the first and last reels. In the bonus feature, players must choose their mystery rewards. First, players will be asked to pick a lucky ball. This ball will indicate how many free spins they’ve won. After that, players will be asked to pick a multiplier, which will increase all of the payouts in the free spins. The bonus feature is really fun to watch and you have to experience it yourself, to believe it.

Goal Three 2 Win

Castle Jackpot’s Goal Three 2 Win is a special-feature instant game. Unlike casino slots where players purely rely on luck, instant games work in such a way that players need to predict the outcome of the game. In Goal Three 2 Win, players must pick and match 3 football symbols. The symbols can either give players an instant payout, or progress further into the game. Players progress in the game when they match three similarly-colored footballs instead of unlocking footballs with the same numbers. When players reach the top of the board, they are rewarded with the game’s biggest prize payout.

There are many other games online related to football, but these two are quite possibly the most enjoyable. Do you know other football-themed casino games? Give us an idea by sharing them in the comments section below!


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