Mourinho looking to entertain fans

Jose Mourinho took charge of training to begin his second spell in charge of Chelsea, as players returned from holiday only those that featured in the Confederations Cup remain on holiday as the club have given them an extended leave. So expect any transfer rumours that do come out to be about those select few who have yet to meet Mourinho.

With the new squad in place, many have questioned whether Mourinho is the man to set this side out to attack which is the clear strength of this team now. Mourinho assured everyone though that he’d do his best to entertain.

“I want to make Chelsea fans happy – by results, our playing style, by the mentality and personality of the team”

Mourinho also reminded those in attendance that his previous spell here didn’t lack attacking intent when it was called for as he recollected on his approach against West Ham in ’06.

“We were losing 1-0 and were playing with 10 men… I still gambled because I wanted to win with 10 men and we did win, 4-1”

Mourinho then focused on the importance of the “Old Guard” to instil the same mentality he once brought to the club almost a decade ago. A mentality that has followed Mourinho’s sides wherever he has gone.

“As some guys are arriving they have others who can transmit to them immediately what this club means… The Chelsea culture is continuously passed on from one generation to the next”

Less than 6 weeks remain before Mourinho and Chelsea kick off the campaign against Hull, the hope and expectation remains the same as when he first joined the club and the squad despite being relatively young have the capabilities to deliver with ‘The ‘Special One’ at the helm.

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