David Luiz €45million – Deal or No Deal?

LuizLaurent Blanc is the new PSG manager and whilst a change of manager across Europe generally doesn’t affect Chelsea, it just so happens the former Manchester United defender has targeted one of Chelsea’s defenders and made him his top priority according to French reports.

Whilst David Luiz isn’t worth €45mil… yet, there’s no way Chelsea should be selling the Brazilian centre back. The reason is simple, markets, no matter whether food or football work on the basis of supply and demand and quite frankly the supply of elite centre backs is in grave shortage. The art of defending has been lost along with the Dead Sea scrolls and the garden of Eden. Washed away in the tides of the Mediterranean Sea with only tales of how past greats such as Maldini, Thuram and Cannavaro wouldn’t crumble and disappear at the sight of a striker bearing down on goal, these legendary beings are now a rare breed. David Luiz is one of few left that is still trained in what is now considered the “Dark Arts” – defending.

At €45million Luiz would probably be the highest valued Chelsea player and with the looming burden of FFP it might be good business sense to sell him but that would leave Chelsea’s central defence in a sorry state. Ivanovic has spent the majority of his time at right back with the club, Gary Cahill is seemingly insistent on letting strikers run off him in an attempt to pull out a last ditch tackle for the cameras whilst John Terry is fighting Father Time, a losing battle.

Even with Luiz at the club there appears to be a need for a new centre back at least a short term option whilst the progression of Omeruo is assessed. Luiz’s absence, realistically means Chelsea would need to buy two centre backs to have the depth and quality required to challenge on all fronts. The problem? Well, most defenders that can be considered amongst the best, are at clubs that would have no need to sell unless Chelsea pay over the top for their services and in truth very few have an upside greater than David Luiz. Room for improvement remains obvious but his constant progression and frightening natural ability means he could be the very best one day and Jose Mourinho would likely relish the opportunity to bring that out of him.

There is also the less quantifiable features of Luiz’s game that would prove difficult to replace, in a period when leadership on the field was a large void, Luiz stepped up and filled the space, rallying the team and leading by example with stellar performances. Under normal circumstances a €45million offer has to be considered even if you are the staunchest of Luiz fans but given the market of alternatives and the depth at the club it would be a very bizarre decision to let him leave.

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