News: Cavani becomes a saga, Madrid youngster mouths off

Cavani episode turns into Saga

The Cavani transfer that has circulated through media outlets in recent weeks has been elevated to a “Saga”, at what point these crucial decisions are made it is yet unclear. However what is known is that last night on a Naples based radio station Radio Marte, Chelsea and Napoli had agreed a fee for the acquisition of star man Edinson Cavani. A reported €58million is roughly the fourth time the two sides have allegedly come to an agreement. This was quickly refuted by Cavani’s agent.

It is unlikely a decision on Cavani’s future will be made whilst the player is away with his national side in Brazil as he was angered by comments made by Napoli President, Aurelio De Laurentiis and insisted on meeting his boss face to face. De Laurentiis vs Cavani could well be concluded in an MGM ring on a summer night in Vegas. Cavani’s desire to leave is of no surprise to Chelsea fans as their newly appointed manager is a man that remains detested in these parts of the world, one Rafael Benitez.

De Laurentiis has however made it clear he wants a decision to be made by Cavani by July 17th. The striker’s buyout clause expires the following month and whilst it would be self defeating to sell a player underneath his buyout clause once it expires, De Laurentiis is somewhat partial to the unexpected and may have been using the buyout as a guideline price on his most coveted possession (Aside from his ego).

Jese Rodriguez warns Chelsea youngsters

The promising Real Madrid winger has criticised Jose Mourinho for not giving the younger generation a chance at Real Madrid, namely, himself. Raphael Varane seemingly would not be so quick to criticise his former manager’s willingness to use youth players as his performances saw him usurp Pepe as a regular at the heart of the Madrid defence.

Maybe last year club thought that they don’t need to have more youth players and Mourinho thought he needed to sign players from outside the club

This seems an attempt to unnerve some of the brighter talents at Chelsea, who are now built on the potential of their youth. However, Mourinho’s unwillingness to give Rodriguez a chance might have had something to do with the fact his preferred position on a football pitch is occupied by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi to Chelsea?

Well this is not an actual rumour going around as it has been formulated right here at MowingMeadows but don’t be surprised if Chelsea are linked to the World’s Best player after Johan Cruyff seemingly suggested Barcelona could look at the possibility of selling Messi due to the arrival of Neymar. Messi is also due in court in the not to distant future as part of a tax evasion case, maybe Barcelona don’t want that sort of publicity and it might be time for the Argentine to depart for greener pastures.

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