10 Things to hate about Liverpool vs Chelsea

There haven’t been more than a handful of games that have infuriated me more than today’s fixture against Liverpool at Anfield. From our own players, manager, to the referee and the opposition’s mind numbing stupidity. So here’s the top 10 things that pissed me off:

1 – Starting with the Chelsea players themselves once again conveniently forgetting to show up on the pitch for the first ten minutes in the second half.

2 – Rafael Benitez’s “Coaching Manual” #70 – Taking off star player Eden Hazard for Yossi Benayoun. Yossi Benayoun. He’s beyond shit. He offered nothing, couldn’t keep hold of the ball and will no doubt be shown the door come the summer.

3 – Daniel Sturridge refusing to celebrate, you weren’t a crowd favourite, so please, just celebrate.

4 – Jamie Carragher’s constant berating of the referee and constantly being wrong about it. Every decision, he complained and that whiny face is offensive to look at.

5 – Fernando Torres playing 90 minutes. He didn’t have his worst game by any stretch of the imagination but he just wasn’t all that involved and to see him last the full 90 was bewildering. Genius from Benitez, again.

6 – Daniel Sturridge’s ridiculously stupid challenge on Ryan Bertrand. He’s just left his studs to go straight into Bertrand’s shin and then Liverpool carrying on whilst he was on the floor.

7 – Brendan Rodgers trying to construe Fernando Torres’ elbow on Carragher which was a genuine attempt to win the ball is in the same category of offence as biting someone. Elbow > Biting #RodgersOrBrent

8 – Six Minutes of injury time! SIX! In a half that was fairly innocuous. Although see No.4 for possible clarification on why there was anywhere near that obscene amount of time.

9 – Kevin Friend is the man who thought there should have been six minutes added time, he decided Daniel Sturridge didn’t commit a foul against Bertrand, oh and of course he missed someone bite another player!

10 – Luis Suarez. They say genius is mixed in with madness but what drives you to try and bite someone on the pitch? This is by no means the first time he’s tried this either. He’s simply a disgrace. He shouldn’t have been on the pitch to have had a chance to score an equaliser, a goal that could cost the club their place in the Champions League. Oh and there’s Liverpool fans that actually think he’s done nothing wrong… Genuinely.


Rant over. Thanks.

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