The quickest way to a footballer’s heart is through… friends?

This little theory dawned on me when we were signing an array of young Belgian talent (De Bruyne, Courtois, Lukaku) and I wondered whether there was a greater purpose to all of this, a more cunning approach to business and it seems that I may have been right. Yes, the money was a factor. Yes, winning the Champions League was a factor but are you going to sit here and tell me that having other Belgians in the squad would not sway Eden Hazard to join the Blues? To quote The Dark Knight Rises…
“I’m not allowed to believe in coincidences”
I’m not implying that they were the only reason these other players were signed. Courtois is developing into the most promising young keeper in the world, whilst Lukaku who still raw with potential can become a player very similar to the legend that is Didier Drogba. Yet, the signing of Kevin De Bruyne last January only to loan him back to Genk and now on the verge of another loan to Bundesliga side Werder Bremen (possibly part of the deal that brought Marin here) would seem like a strange way to spend £7.5million if there was no greater motive. The signing of Eden Hazard’s younger brother Thorgan can only be explained as a way to sweeten the deal for big brother, Thorgan’s career has been filled with potential but not to the levels of his older sibling nor have his achievements come anywhere close.

Why am I boring you with the history of our Belgian transfers? Well, simple, I think it is happening again. Technically I believe it has happened before and is still continuing. The long running pursuit of the brightest of all young talents in the world, a certain Brazilian called Neymar (If you somehow have never seen the 20 year old play, type his name into YouTube and enjoy numerous incredible compilations till your heart is content). Chelsea were close to signing the superstar when he was a teenage sensation but somewhere along the lines one or two voices got into his head and explained that it will be better off to remain with Santos and perhaps the Premier League isn’t suitable for a Brazilian.

So, how do we remedy such a problem? Again a simple matter of disproving the thought by signing Brazilians and showing that they can indeed play in England. David Luiz and Ramires were main stays in the side last year and without their contributions it is likely that that the Champions of Europe would likely not be a West London club. Lucas Piazon is the other Brazilian at the squad and of the same age to be best pals with Neymar. In addition, the club announced the signing of a fellow Brazilian wonderkid in Oscar and the club remain heavily interested to the future of Hulk. With both those players a move to Chelsea for Neymar would look ever more appealing. An opportunity to play with 4 of his international team mates would not only benefit Chelsea but The Selecao themselves. If Oscar should deliver what is expected of him this season and show why he was worth €25million that was forked out on him, no amount of whispers will convince that Neymar that the Premier League would not be a suitable move for him.

The fact remains that none of this is likely to happen before the World Cup in 2014 as Neymar has continued to pledge his future to Santos till the tournament is over. There is also the possibility (ever so slight) that I may be wrong. However, the influx of Brazilians at Stamford Bridge is likely to tempt any compatriot should a bid be launched their way and there is no secret about the admiration Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has for Neymar, an admiration that I’m sure anyone who has watched him play shares.

3 responses to “The quickest way to a footballer’s heart is through… friends?

  1. If this is the case then theoretically would he not be equally tempted to join United? With as many as 3 (Ando and the Da Silva twins) or possibly 4 (If Moura deal comes through) of his Brazil team mates on the United Squad, We can offer him similar “Home Comfort” as Chelsea. Particularly if he plans to move to Europe in 2014 when the FFP rules would have been well & truly in place then i doubt Chelsea or anyone else will be paying a silly 70-80 million pound transfer fee for him to Santos. Thus putting United in running for a 40-50 Million pound target.

    • Difference is three of our Brazilians are first team players. None of yours are (Luiz and Ramires come in outside of Olympic rules whereas rafael loses his place to dani Alves). The way transfers are structured in FFP through amortisation means it will be fairly easily covered by most major European clubs.

  2. Sad the “Hulk dream” could not be completed. Would have been a valuable addition to this squad. But I doubt Neymar would join us, he is more into Barcelona than Chelsea regardless of the Brazilian factor in our squad

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