Influence of the Euros on Chelsea players and the Social Media

Whether we like it or not, social media is impacting the world of football on a more regular basis – proven by the recent racist allegations made against Ashley Cole on Twitter. (

More and more people are concerned that footballers and celebs alike are cashing in on Twitter. But is this a problem? As long as it doesn’t affect their performance on the pitch then surely it doesn’t matter?

There’s been a lot of talk this tournament about England’s ability to make an impact. Despite topping Group D, they never really looked threatening and arguably only John Terry could come away from the tournament in the knowledge that he lived up to his reputation on the pitch.

But what about Chelsea players and their social media activities? Here’s 10 facts about Chelsea’s social media influence to impress your mates…
The combined total for all Chelsea players social media following is just over 6 million! That’s 6 times more than the Twitter followers of the official @chelseafc account.

If every Chelsea players Facebook Like/Twitter follower was worth £1, you could hire the world’s most expensive yacht, the Eclipse (owned by [Roman Abramovich]), for just 2 weeks. The remaining £2 million would be needed for expenses and fuel…

Of the players at Euro 2012 who have social media accounts, Raul Meireles is the player with the smallest following of just 240,000.

However, since the tournament began, he has gained 160,000 Facebook likes. That’s roughly 1,140 ‘likes’ a day!

During Czech Republic’s winning match against Greece, goalkeeper Petr Cech’s Facebook tribute page gained 400 Facebook likes, that’s 4 likes a minute! That’s twice as much as usual! On the match where they lost to Portugal he averaged 2 likes a minute.

When Florence Malouda plays for France, he averages 2 new Twitter followers a minute – 20% more than his regular increase.

Fernando Torres scored two goals against Republic of Ireland and also added over 2,000 Twitter followers to his Twitter account. He has NEVER tweeted from his account despite it now having over 422,000 followers!

Since the start of the tournament, Ashley Cole’s Facebook tribute page has gained 11 likes every single hour.

John Terry’s social media following is the largest of all Chelsea players at Euro 2012 with over 2.2 million.

Juan Mata’s combined social media following could fill Stamford Bridge 36 times!

For more facts, figures and social media analysis at this years Euro 2012 and beyond head over to

—————————————————————————————————————————— was created by Chris Jones & his team at VIVA Aspire. The site houses every Twitter (official) & Facebook page (official & tributes) for all players at this year’s European championships. Follow them on Twitter and check out their blog for more social media stats at this years Euro 2012 Championship!

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