Possession is nine tenths of the law but meaningless in football.

Tika Taka – The brand of football made famous by Barcelona in recent years. It involves holding the lion’s share of possession and boring a team to death with infinite passes. Made enjoyable only by the genius of Lionel Messi (yet to be seen against Chelsea).

First Leg passing stats.

Not bad, Chelsea managed to attempt 209 passes.

Second Leg passing stats. Short passes by Barcelona compared to Chelsea's forward.

Chelsea completed 135 passes in total at the Nou Camp in comparison to Barcelona’s 755.

In terms of successful passes Chelsea averaged a goal every 90 passes. Barcelona on the other hand managed one every 755. A remarkable eight and a half times more than Chelsea.

I’m no expert but as a fan I know which one I’d rather see my team average.

For all their plaudits they aren’t the Harlem Globetrotters. Barcelona can’t claim to be the greatest show on earth. Watching them pass the ball across the Chelsea box was by and large due to Chelsea’s tactics but their refusal to play a different way, in fact their failure to be able to play another way leaves them at times mind-numbingly dull. Especially when Messi is not at his best.

Tiki Taka football – contrary to what anyone at Barcelona might tell you, is not the only way to play football.

Images Via (FourFourTwo-Stats Zone)

2 responses to “Possession is nine tenths of the law but meaningless in football.

  1. An interesting take but this seems far too similar to a Stoke argument.

    “If you cant deal with our 7ft players elbowing you in the face at every corner then tough titties.”

    Chelsea played the only card left in their hand……defend. That card turned out to be an ace in the whole but if Barcelona had simply taken their chances (and there were a few sitters) we would would have been sent packing.

    If this had been a performance where chances weren’t regularly carved out that you’d have a stronger point but when half of the win belongs to the fact that Barca didn’t score when they plainly should have, it struggles especially with a missed penalty thrown in for good measure.

    The other half that should still not be overlooked was very well organised defending, well placed long balls and clinical finishing.

    • It is more a personal argument that I have with Barcelona. Much preferred them under Ronaldinho.

      I do understand your point however but it was just a funny statistic that I came across 🙂 As for the penalty… dive, surely not?

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