View from the Enemy: Spurs Fan on the Adebayor Song, Signing Modric and Sunday

Ahead of Sunday’s FA Cup semi-final clash against Tottenham Hotspur, Spooky from the excellent blog Dear Mr Levy, has answered a few questions for us.

Mowing Meadows: Spurs were flying high and are not battling it out for a top 4 spot. What went wrong?

Dear Mr Levy: We more or less went the whole season without a blip. When we lost (say against Stoke) we got back into winning ways without a problem. Whilst others, including yourselves, had dips of form and muddled through. The moment it went to hell was against Arsenal and its obviously rattled us. Rather than stick to what we know, Harry Redknapp went all experimental and it blew up in our faces. We’ve not been that bad just not that good since then and you have to question management for that. Players can take responsibility also, but we should have been shrewd and tight and worked our way to cementing top four. Wouldn’t be Spurs if it was easy though.

MM: If/when Harry goes, who would you like to see replace him?

DML: Hand on heart, I don’t know. Don’t think Brendan Rodgers is a big enough name for Levy. What with Spurs working hard on the THFC brand and new stadium to retain and attract a certain quality of player you’re going to have to have box office pulling power in terms of the coach. Having said that it would be ballsy (and cheaper) to go for Rodgers. Massive risk because you don’t know if he can hack it at a club like Spurs. As a number two perhaps? Again pragmatically, highly unlikely.

MM: Top 4 or FA Cup – which would you prefer?

DML: I’ve recently blogged about this (again) and spoke about it on the podcast. Both ideally. To be able to compete for honours you need to sustain a top four position so that will feed silverware. Possibly, perhaps. Gives you a chance to do so. Modern football and football supporting is a mess if I’m honest and the fact we even have to ask that question is sad. It should be silverware – no doubt, and yet I’m pulled between the two. I’d love to win the FA Cup again. It’s been too long. This close to being at the final, I have to go with the cup.

MM: After singing about his dad washing elephants and his mum being a whore, how much has your opinion on Adebayor changed this season?

DML: Ha! Okay, for the record, I never sang it. The song is racist and only idiot fans thought it was funny, luckily a minority. Ironic that Arsenal fans have sang the same song back at him. He’s a top player, doesn’t score half as many as he does but in terms of the football we play and what he brings to the team – he has been very important. Shame he lets himself down with lack of consistent goal scoring but if he’s available on the cheap in the summer I hope we sign him.

MM: Is Modric going to come to Chelsea this summer?

DML: Probably. It’s all about the money. Even if we finish above Chelsea he’d consider a move away in order to earn £100k+. It bothered me last summer, it doesn’t now. If you don’t want to wear the shirt – bye bye, see ya later. The shirt will always be here, players will come and go. Would be refreshing however to see some loyalty, especially if say we won something and finished 4th.

MM: Which players should Chelsea be most fearful of on Sunday?

DML: All of them if they bother to turn up. If Spurs play to their potential we are unquestionable the best footballing side in terms of flowing football in the country. Problem is, that doesn’t guarantee you the win. And Spurs of recent weeks have been erratic and off beat. Bale, Luka and van der Vaart are key. However with Kaboul out and King out of sorts, I worry more about our defence than I do about the rest of our side. Harry has to get formation and tactics spot on. No margin for error.

MM: Which Chelsea player are you most fearful of?

DML: Mata is quality. To be honest, would hate for the old skool (Lampard, Terry) to score against us.

MM: What are your predictions for Sunday?

DML: Difficult one. Hope its a better match than the recent league game. We edged that. We might edge this one two. A lot depends on just how flaky Spurs are with our recent performances dipping and spiking. Also depends on how focused you lot are what with Barca round the corner. I’m going to go with a Spurs win. I have to. Otherwise, what’s the point, right? You might as well believe and enjoy than be scared and hide.

Good luck (not really)!

MM: Good luck to you too (not really)!

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