View from the Enemy – Birmingham Fan on tonight’s game, sacking AVB and McLeish

Ahead of tonight’s FA Cup replay against Birmingham City, Kevin Ball from the excellent blog Joys and Sorrows has given his thoughts on the game.

Mowing Meadows: What did you make of the first game?

Joys and Sorrows: I thought we defended absolutely brilliantly. The players all gave 100%. I actually think we were unfortunate not to win – but I was happy with a replay. Chelsea seemed like they were thinking about what they were going to be doing later rather than playing the game. All seemed rather odd to be honest.

MM: How do you think this game will be different?

JaS: I am furious that AVB has gone, I think that Chelsea will be up for it and I expect a tonking. We’ve had a bit of a wobble too which doesn’t help.

MM: What do you make of the decision to sack him?

JaS: VERY irritating, I was hoping that his last game would be against us!

MM: Do you think getting to play at home now gives you an advantage?

JaS: Not sure. I guess if the fans get going it could help. The first 15 minutes are critical for me. If we are level or ahead, then maybe…

MM: Which Chelsea players are you most wary of?

JaS: Please add a link here to your squad! I mean – what do I need to say. You have a side full of internationals, top one at that. Your 3rd side would walk the Championship.

MM: Would you swap that League Cup to still be in the Premier League?

JaS: Absolutely NOT, NO, NEVER! That was the best day of my 30+ years of supporting the real Blues. I’ll never forget it.

MM: Cheers.

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